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Pizza Perfection, started in Moscow, Idaho, has went from a small pizza delivery business, started in 1985, into two locally owned stores placed firmly in the communities of Moscow, Idaho and Pullman, WA.

The product that Pizza Perfection provides has a history itself. Through testing and transition, from the wheat fields to the finished product, Pizza Perfection and company have created a quality product that has developed into today’s Pizza Perfection pizza.

As the product evolved, so did the desire for Pizza Perfection to become the best valued pizza store in the Northwest. Born was the idea to offer a true BOGOF ~ “Buy One, Get One Free”, to all of our carry-out customers. Today’s slogan “Two Pizzas, Too Perfect” exemplifies the BOGOF idea. The large pizzas continue to be 16 inches to provide more value for the customer’s dollar. Every pizza is made with the highest quality ingredients and always fresh, never frozen dough.


Pizza Perfection’s Philosophy is to take one of the basic principles of good business: sell a quality product at a good price. Pizza Perfection has incorporated this spirit into their own mission statement: “Sell the perfect pizza at the perfect price - providing the utmost quality and value to our customers!”

A perfect pizza starts from the bottom. The dough made fresh daily and NEVER EVER NEVER frozen allows Pizza Perfection to create a soft flavorful crust. The never frozen, fresh, dough allows the crust to rise to perfection every time. Perfect crust is then topped with our homemade sauce made with Stanislaus tomato products specializing in fresh packing "real Italian tomato products", from fresh tomatoes, not concentrate. To finish off the perfect pizza,we top it with an 80-10-10 mixture of 100% mozzarella, provolone and cheddar.

Pizza Perfection continues to use only the freshest, not vacuum packed vegetables. We dice our produce daily to optimize crispness and flavor on each pizza. Combine this with premium meats, homemade sauce made from non concentrate tomatoes and 100% real cheese. "Perfect Pizza"

We never stop creating and innovating, as Pizza Perfection stives to become the best valued pizza store in the Northwest. Pizza Perfection continues to offer a true "Buy One, Get One FREE," to all its carry out customers. The slogan "Two Pizzas, Too Perfect" exemplities the Buy One, Get One Free idea. the large pizza remains 16 inches to provide more value for the customer's dollar. Pizza Perfection strives to improve PERFECTION!



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2001 "Winner of the Fastest Pizza Delivery"

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